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Ladies & Gentlemen, Thanks For Visiting!

Enjoy total body relaxation, muscle repair and rehab with the soothing sounds of the oceans tide & waterfalls. It's just like having a relaxing massage while you're at the beach. The atmosphere of the room is enough to relax your mind then ypur tired, achy body will start to

melt into total relaxation when I begin working. Once I'm done you'll feel like a new person and completely rejuvenated. Let me relieve and remove all your stress and tension from your tired, achy muscles.

I have many lotions, creams, gels and aromatherapy products to relieve the tightest muscles and totally melt away the stress.

I also have machine Iassisted therapy including 2 types of Tens Units, Ultrasound, Trigger point thumbs and Massage sticks. These treatments are a Free Service with the massage. To my knowledge, no other massage salon includes these treatments at no extra charge.

You will also receive a Free bottle of water after your massage- this is to help flush out all the toxins released during your massage.

My office is located inside Animal House Gym.

All massages are provided on a professional basis.

Enjoy knowing you'll leave feeling relaxed and carefree